OCTOBER 6-9, 2022

Bálna Budapest



The unique art program of Art Market Budapest and Art Photo Budapest places the cultural values of Serbia in the center of attention in 2022. The program is supported by the Serbian Government.

Art Market Budapest is honored to host MOST.SERBIA Festival in 2022: The professed intent of the event is to make the treasures of Serbian culture and the cultural cooperation between Hungary and Serbia tangible and alive for the public through contemporary art. The organizers also aim to present Budapest as a cultural hub in the region, striving to strengthen its status through hosting the participating Serbian creative and cultural actors, and the guests arriving on the occasion.

The galleries from Serbia present the art of the outstanding contemporary artists of their country at 11 exhibition stands.
Exhibitors in the Art Galleries section: B2, Bel Art, Monolog, Novembar, Rima, Sanjaj, Štab, X Vitamin
Exhibitors in the Art Photo Budapest section: AUGS gallery presents Liminal Lens (curated exhibition)
Exhibitors in the Art Projects section: Art Clinics, Art & Nature