30 (thirty) FREE – the art of freedom

An arts program on the 30th anniversary of the regime change in Eastern Europe


Each year, an arts program around a chosen theme is organized at the initiative of Art Market Budapest to accompany the main event. As the leading international art fair in Central and Eastern Europe, and a major international platform focusing on contemporary fine art in the region, Art Market Budapest aims to make the rich selection of high-quality art emerging from post-communist countries available to a wide range of professionals within the art world, as well as the general public.


The 30 (thirty) FREE arts program launching in October 2020 commemorates the 30th anniversary of the social and political regime change in Eastern Europe. With the participation of artists and arts professionals from the former Socialist Bloc, the program examines the artistic background of the regime change between 1989-90. In addition to the rich selection of art presented by the exhibitors of Art Market Budapest 2020, the INSIDE ART conference is dedicating a thematic day to the 30th anniversary of this significant social event, which had a considerable impact on the art of the region.