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This mini-conference including presentations and panel discussions during Art Market Budapest 2016 gives an insight to current trends and events of the global art market with the participation of top international professionals.

October 13., 17:00

Deloitte presents

Mr. Adriano PICINATI DI TORCELLO, Director at Deloitte’s advisory and consulting department with over 15 years of professional experience is in charge of coordinating the art and finance activities within Deloitte in Luxembourg. In his current presentation he offers a closer look at the growing Art & Finance industry based on Deloitte’s annual report, which aims to highlight the main trends and development but also to capture and measure the changing motivations and perceptions among its participants.

Adriano PICINATI DI TORCELLO – Director, Art & Finance, Deloitte, Luxembourg

October 13, 18:00

– motivations, traditions, and trends in the practice of corporate collections
Professional partner: AXIOART – Art trade on the internet

The connection between the business sector and the art world, or in a vague sense, how art and business relate to each other, is a topic that raises lots of questions, and as such, is surrounded by broad interest. One of its most exciting components is the world of corporate collections.

What are the reasons and motivations of a company to have decided to develop an art collection in the 20th and what are they in the 21st century? What are the benefits and business advantages that the owner expects from having a corporate collection? How did collecting habits of companies change in the past decades? What expectations are to be met by the curator or art manager of a corporate collection?

Nóra HORVÁTH-MAGYARY – Head of Communication, K&H Bank Group, Budapest
Stefan KOBEL – art historian and writer specializing in the art market, Berlin
Hélène LACHARMOISE – Director, Galerie Dix9, Paris
Walter SEIDL – Curator, Kontakt Collection of the Erste Group and the ERSTE Foundation, Member of the Board, International Association of Corporate Collections of Contemporary Art (IACCCA), Vienna

dr. Katalin GEREBEN, art historian, Director, AXIOART – Art trade on the internet, Budapest

October 14, 17:00


Culture is the hidden gem of our foreign policy. It helps to promote dialogue and mutual understanding. Culture is, therefore, crucial in building long-term relationships with countries across the whole world.

Dr. Tibor NAVRACSICS – Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, European Commission, Brussels


Dr. NAVRACSICS Tibor – az Európai Bizottság oktatásért, kultúráért, ifjúságpolitikáért és sportért felelős biztosa, Brüsszel

October 14, 18:30

– … an Eastern European case study?

Before the political changes in the beginning of the 1990s, art was one of the tools of resistance against the Socialist regime, which in Poland manifested itself in peculiarly creative and rich forms. As a consequence of the political processes, global interest for Eastern European art and the region’s contemporary cultural values grew significantly some 25 years ago, albeit, the intensity of this interest gradually decreased over the years, and the art of the post-communist regions has not really become an integrated part of the global canon. Poland is one of the Eastern European countries that has performed better in this field, however, according to opinions, the rich and valuable local contemporary art scene and exceptionally high quality art still do not receive the attention and recognition they would deserve, certainly not on a level granted to their Western ”competitors”.

To what degree can the case of Poland and the development of the past decades be viewed as common for the whole region? What are the reasons behind Polish contemporary art being in a stronger international position than other Eastern European countries? What do actors of the local art scene do and what can they do to improve the international perception? To what degree is the evaluation of art originating from a given country dependent (or can become independent) of the assessment of the whole region?

Tomasz PIARS – Art Consultant, Polish Institute, Budapest
Cezary PIECZYNSKI – art collector, Owner, Piekary Gallery, Poznan
Jacek SOSNOWSKI – Director, Propaganda Gallery, Warsaw, Co-founder, Warsaw Gallery Weekend

Ábel KÓNYA – Chief Curator, MODEM Center for Modern and Contemporary Arts, Debrecen

October 15, 15.00


Magnum is an international photographic cooperative founded by Robert Capa, David Seymour ’Chim’, Henri Cartier-Bresson and George Rodger in 1947, soon coming to the 70th anniversary of its establishment. Magnum represents some of the world’s most renowned photographers and provides the highest quality photographic content to an international client base of media, publishers, brands and cultural institutions.

How did it start, how has it been developing and what does the future hold?

Simone KLEIN – Global Head, Print Sales, Magnum Photos International, Paris


Simone KLEIN – a Magnum Photos International ügynökség print értékesítési üzletágának vezetője, Párizs

Október 15., 17.00

– hogyan hat halála után 70 évvel MOHOLY-NAGY László a fotóművészetre?

A 70. évforduló, nem utolsósorban pedig a New York-i Guggenheim Múzeum Future Present címmel létrehozott, Chicagoban majd Los Angelesben is bemutatásra kerülő életmű-kiállítása rendkívül intenzív figyelmet irányít 2016-ban MOHOLY-NAGY László munkásságára. A megemlékezések szinte mindegyike leszögezi, hogy az „első igazán interdiszciplináris művésznek tekinthető” magyar származású mester egyfajta vizionárius zseniként alakította át a globális művészeti látásmódot.

De vajon tart-e még a varázs, milyen hatással van MOHOLY-NAGY munkássága a ma alkotó művészekre, a 21. századi fotóművészetre? Van-e az életmű alakulásában jelentősége a kelet-európai gyökereknek, vagy esetleg éppen annak, hogy az életmű végül nem Európában teljesedett ki?

Carole NAGGAR – fotótörténész, a Pixelpress alapítója, New York
Dejan SLUGA – a Photon Galéria vezetője, az Art Photo Budapest tanácsadója, Ljubljana – Bécs
SZALONTAI Ábel – egyetemi adjunktus, fotó szakirány, Moholy-Nagy Művészeti Egyetem, Budapest
Dr. Gary VAN WYK – az Axis Galéria igazgatója, New York

VILLING Dóra – az FFS – Fiatal Fotóművészek Stúdiója vezetőségének tagja, Budapest