POLISH (ED) FESTIVAL 2017-04-26T12:05:19+00:00

introducing contemporary art from Poland

As the leading art fair in Eastern Europe, a significant international platform exhibiting contemporary art of the region regularly, Art Market Budapest considers it its duty to present the diverse selection and outstanding level of artistic content of the post-communist region to a wide ranging audience.

Over the course of the fair, POLISH(ed), a program dedicated to Polish art, built around the show on location at Art Market Budapest 2016, is a kind of cultural festival, that incorporates various other art locations in the city of Buda – pest, and provides extraordinarily rich and deep insight into one of Europe’s most exciting art scenes. As a central part of the POLISH(ed) program, Polish galleries exhibit their selections at Art Market Budapest throug – hout hundreds of square meters. Also on location at the fair is a special delicacy, a spectacular outdoor display of sculptures installed in-between the exhibition halls, a special selection from the collection of the Center of Polish Sculpture. Among the exhibited artworks are creations of the world renowned artist Magdalena ABAKANOWICZ, guest of honor at Art Market Budapest 2016.

Accompanying the fair, the POLISH(ed) program includes exhibitions and professional events organized by Art Market Budapest. An entire day is dedicated to talks relating to Polish art as part of the fair’s Inside Art mini-conference. In the midst of all this, the exhibition titled Children of War arrives from New York with works by David Seymour ‘CHIM’, and also a special selection from the noted Polish private collector Cezary Pieczynski’s photo collection is on display

Dariusz PALA: Foam

Styrmir Örn GUÐMUNDSSON: Bird